Idea to Ideal



Quality, reliability, and innovation are Avant's greatest strengths. Avant provides end-to-end solutions that rapidly bring your concept and products to market, matching your needs and time requirements. Our project managers will work closely with customers to design plans for specific needs.


With more than 40 years of experience in the DRAM and NAND  markets, Avant is exceptionally well-positioned to develop SSDs, memory modules and other FLASH/DRAM solutions to meet today’s complex equipment needs. Building from a base level of these foundational form factors, our engineering team in Austin can rapidly bring your product to realization.

New Product Validation

Avant is committed to product reliability by conducting
extensive testing.

Operational Life
- RDT testing on product lines to demonstrate >2M hours
- XTRDT tests workload across a temperature range
- PCT test ensure no data loss

- Temperature cycling to demonstrate >2M hours

Durability- HAST testing to demonstrate >2M hours
- Shock and Vibe ensures survival in real-world situations

- HTDR to show the data will always be there


The Near Shore Solution

Avant’s 16 SMT lines produce the necessary capacity to meet our client demands. In 2015, we established our first factory outside the United States in Matamoros, Mexico, and expanded operations to Reynosa, Mexico, in 2019.

With more than 200,000 sq. ft of production space, we have a combined output capacity of 30 million memory modules annually. Risks associated with geopolitics, supply chain disruptions, and environmental concerns have not hindered production. Our production lines were fully utilized during the pandemic, maintaining the necessary output.

Avant’s factories are located across the border from the largest economy in the world. The location enables us to provide same-day shipping using US logistic services. We are positioned to be the leader in the semiconductor assembly space in North America. Avant will be exceptionally well-positioned to benefit from the CHIPs Act.

System Integration

Hardware Integration: Installation of memory, SDD/HDD, CPU, video cards, NIC cards and a variety of other components.

Software Configuration:
BIOS/DMI, OS, and apps installation

Custom Imaging: Includes image creation and deployment

Burn-in Services: Customized to ensure all components are working properly

Asset Tagging and Reporting: Customer-provided labels or our team can build custom labels printed in house

Custom Packaging and Fulfillment: Including design, sourcing, qualification, kitting, boxing, palletization, and shipping

Procurement: Leverage Avant purchasing power to save money on materials

Storage: Secure consignment or purchased inventory storage models

Logistics Services: Avant manages all import/export logistics, shipping, and fulfillment compliance requirements for on time delivery

Supply Chain Management

Avant provides the flexibility to manage upsides, forecast changes, and avoid line-down scenarios. Our designs follow a common library of components making multiple bills of materials easy to manage. The library helps us build redundant options, leveraging our overall volume and long-term relationships. Avant delivers outstanding supply chain management to clients and this knowledge was able to navigate the supply chain crisis from 2020 to 2022, during which we had no lines down.

Private Label Services

Clients can specify product requirements from design to the label and packaging. Avant can handle multiple requests for similar product lines assembled in our factories. We offer bespoke  labels to suit clients' needs. We can assist  our clients in designing custom labels or printing an existing design.


Avant is the most economical logistics solution available in North America. More than a thousand boxes per day move daily from our factories to locations around the world. Our warehouse can hold goods until an order is placed and then ship to the final destination. Avant manages thousands of unique packaging and labeled products daily and transports shipments around the globe by leveraging our import/export experience.