Product Applications


Embedded Applications

Avant’s embedded NAND and DRAM base solutions are world-class and exceed expectations for various applications.


Throughout daily activities, there are interactions with financial equipment, which help to facilitate retail activities. Point-of-Sale machines enable consumers to pay for goods or services. Devices in this category can include everything from grocery store scanners to ATMs.


New technology, increased use of artificial intelligence, and the growing electric vehicle market in the transportation industry led to an uptick in demand for the types of products Avant manufactures. These products are used in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,  In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) products, and outdoor intelligence systems. Additionally, vehicles use solid-state drives and memory for navigation systems, IVI systems, and other I/O functions.


Avant's subsidiary, Mushkin, is optimized to enhance the PC and console experience with powerful solid-state drives, memory modules and flash memory solutions. Mushkin provides gamers with reliable performance that will elevate the gaming experience.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) involves networks of devices assembled with memory modules, sensors, and other technologies to interact with other devices and systems over the internet to exchange data. Every day, there are numerous transactions requiring smooth pathways between devices. Other IoT devices encompass electronics such as thermostats to complex industrial equipment. Avant's products provide solutions for the spectrum of IoT solutions.

Network Communications

Telecommunications are an invaluable aspect of the modern world. Users can quickly interact with one another across vast distances with ease thanks to the use of powerful infrastructure of communication networks built across the world. Further development in this sector will be enabled by the implementation of 5G networks and incorporation with IoT in addition to emerging technologies.


Medical technology helps diagnose, treat and improve the health of millions of people every day. MRI scanners to at-home blood pressure monitors require advanced, dependable, and attainable components. Avant designs and creates products that can be used to support the medical technology industry.