Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act – 1975

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a United States federal law that governs warranties on consumer products. It is intended to protect consumers from deceptive warranty practices by requiring manufacturers and sellers of consumer products to provide consumers with detailed information about warranty coverage.


  The Act was created to:
  • require that consumers receive complete information about warranty terms and conditions
  • allow consumers to compare warranty coverage
  • promote competition on the basis of warranty coverage
  • provide Incentives for companies to perform warranty obligations in a timely manner
  The Act Prohibits:
  • anyone who offers a written warranty from disclaiming or modifying implied warranties
  • so-called “tie-in sales” provisions, and
  • deceptive or misleading warranty terms
  “Tie-in Sales” Provisions
    The Act states that “tie-in sales” provisions are NOT allowed in consumer warranties. Warrantors cannot require consumers to purchase additional items or services in order to keep their original product warranty valid.