Whether you are looking to upgrade a few computers or your entire server infrastructure, AVANT has the right solution to maximize your business hardware. 



    DDR4 DRAM Modules

DDR4 is the next-generation, high-performance solution for CPU systems—it pushes the envelope in key areas like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth, bringing new levels of performance to desktop, notebook, and server computing. DDR4 supports data rates of 2133 to 2400 Mb/s, with clock frequencies of 1067 to 1200 MHz, respectively.


    DDR3 DRAM Modules

DDR3 doubles the data rate transfers of its predecessor, DDR2, while also using 30% less power.  We have a variety of modules to fit your product needs- whether you are looking to improve the performance of your personal computing experience or designing new hardware to take advantage of DDR3’s long product life cycle.  DDR3 supports data rates of 1067 to 2133 Mb/s, with clock frequencies of 533 to 1067 MHz, respectively.


    DDR2 DRAM Modules

A wide array of capabilities makes our DDR2 an excellent memory choice for the diverse needs of many applications—from automotive and industrial to server, consumer, networking, and computing. In fact, we’ve designed both the long-term road map and the product features of our DDR2 memory with those needs in mind.


    DDR DRAM Modules

We know that many of our customers will continue to use DDR solutions in their designs well into the future. We’re committed to leveraging our proven technology, premier quality, and industry-leading manufacturing efficiency to provide DDR for many years to come.


    SDR DRAM Modules

Why complicate your design? If a simple, cost-effective SDRAM solution will do, plug it in and go. You already know it’s a reliable part. You know it’s got all the features you’re looking for. Plus it’s a solid long-term solution. We have plans to support it for years to come so it’s still a good fit for products with long life cycles.


    Legacy Modules

EDO, sometimes referred to as Hyper Page Mode enabled DRAM, is similar to FPM Fast Page Mode DRAM with the additional feature that a new access cycle can be started while keeping the data output of the previous cycle active. This allows a certain amount of overlap in operation (pipe lining), allowing somewhat improved performance